Tushino Sports Center


Tushino Sports Center

Moscow 2017 / 2018

VI Holding

25.000 m²

The Tushino Sports Center is located in Moscow next to the river Moskva. The center is an aggregation of several major sports buildings: two ice rinks, three rhythmic gymnastics halls, a fitness studio with swimming pool and the headquarter of the Russian Auto Motor Sport Federation.

The new design encourages physical activities on all its surfaces. It is about engaging people in a 24/7 festival of physical movement. The entire roofscape is publically accessible and offers opportunities for a multitude of outdoor activities like running, trekking, summer ice skating, bouldering, fitness, skateboarding, beach volleyball etc. Families can go for walks, enjoy pick nicks and the views from a multitude of seating areas. The sports complex will be a destination not just for athletes, but for all the inhabitants of the new Tushino development.

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