Tuned City (86-172-343)


Tuned City (86-172-343)

Berlin, Germany 2008

Tuned City Sound Art Festival

Tuned City (86-172-343) is an installation allowing visitors to experience the physical properties of sound. In the installation, we investigated how to integrate sound into a playful interaction that enhances visitors’ awareness of the relationship between sound and space.

The spatial-acoustic installation is sculpted as a cavernous landscape which acts as an instrumental chamber designed to create an artificial echo. Visitors are encouraged to clap, shout and even yodel into the three tubes. The sound moves through the ducts of different lengths, 86, 172 and 343 m, spiraling around the space and back to the ear of the visitor. 343 m is the distance sound travels within a second. The different tube lengths affect the delay before sound is heard, with a 1/4 second between each returning sound and a decrease in pitch. The result is forced delay which sounds like an artificial echo. We worked with sound artist, Sam Auinger to develop the concept and space for a commission by the Tuned City Sound Art Festival 2008.

ARCHITECTURE magma architecture

SOUND ART Sam Auinger

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