Southwark Foundry and Annexe


Southwark Foundry and Annexe

London, UK 2016 - 2019

The Foundry and Annexe buildings in Southwark are historical witnesses of the transformation from the industrial to the digital age. Previously the cen­tre of printing the newspapers of London they are now to be converted into serviced offices for start-ups representing the new digital work age.

Both buildings are retained, but altered to incorporate the new use. Additions to the top and the back extending the available space by 11.000 m²  make the buildings part of the new high rising skyline of Southwark. The distinct design language marks the new era in the history of Southwark as a digital media district without losing the reference to the historical fabric they are part of. The characteristic roofline of the foundry remains free standing over the facades at Blackfriars road and Webber Street.

Set back an 8 floor high addition provides flexible office space and leaves an open outdoor roof area for a collective terrace. The ground floor level is opened towards the streets allowing for attractive commercial spaces inviting in the growing crowds from Blackfriars Road. The small annexe building remains without considerable alteration, but is added to by a new built development replacing 1980s warehouse additions.

Five floors of new built office space tower over a commercial ground floor screening the city from the 15m high railway arches on the western fringe of the site. Completion of the Annexe is expected in 2019, whereas the Foundry will be completed one year later.

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