Nexus Productions Office


Nexus Productions Office

London, UK 2009

Nexus Productions Ltd.

850 m²

We renovated a former bank building in East London into the new home for Nexus Productions, an international animation studio. We inserted waist height tubs within the rooms to contrast with the historic, derelict building. These homogeneous containers define the workspaces, with prismatic inserts forming meeting rooms.

The tubs perform a variety of roles: at the entrance area a portion of the wall peels away into the space to create an informal meeting, waiting and reading area. The perimeter walls are integrated with shelves and serve as a library, with further storage and services hidden within. The tubs are simple wooden cabinets on top of a technical floor, coated with a seamless Polyurethane surface to connecting the floor and wall into a continuous band around the room. Their sleek appearance contrasts with the painted brickwork and exposed piping of the old building.

Emerging from the tubs are three prismatic meeting rooms, their facetted surfaces are designed to allow for an even spread of light for projections and film presentations to clients. These bright, crystalline interiors create a dynamic atmosphere that reflects the work which Nexus produces.

ARCHITECTURE magma architecture


MEP ENGINEER KJ Tait Engineers


CONSTRUCTION John F. Patrick Ltd.

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