Harstad City Centre


Harstad City Centre

Harstad, Norway 2011

Harstad City

24 ha

Our proposal for the revitalization of Harstad, Norway, reforges the small town’s relationship to the sea. The reorganization of the city’s centre pushed the major traffic road to the outskirts, extending the heart of the city with a new coastal district along the harbor.

Harstad is a city of 25,000 residences, 250 km North of the Arctic Circle. The City of Harstad has a strong vision to revitalize the urban core area into a robust community centre and gathering place for the residences. Our proposal for the urban redesign was awarded a shared 1st prize and will be further developed in regions of the City. The aim of the design was to reconnect the heart of Harstad’s city centre to the sea, regenerating the town’s shoreline into a vibrant meeting place filled with activities. This in turn, will reactivate the urban fabric by increasing the usability of the shoreline for residents and tourists. We propose introducing five different areas around the harbour to form continuous chain of shoreline activities. These areas are directly connected to different districts of the city, and will extend out into the hinterlands beyond, increasing the attraction to different areas around the town’s centre.

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