Doha Bridge and Lagoon


Doha Bridge and Lagoon

Doha, Qatar 2016

The design of the new Doha Bridge and Lagoon creates two distinct water areas that symbolize two attractions of Qatar – Nature and Culture. The lagoon represents nature and forms an oasis that is rich invegetation, natural topography and clear water. Surrounding the lagoon visitors will experience a highly sensory lagoon walk that is colorful, fragrant and topographically oscillating.

The water area and mobile fountain enclosed by the 1km long Doha bridge represent culture and is an extension of the Cultural Village. The elevated bridge walk is a continuous visual experience of the Arabian Gulf and the city of Doha. It is a landmark of Qatar which will be visible from water, land and air. The masterplan was developed to represent the two concepts of nature and culture. The lagoon is characterized by a soft, organic outline meandering along the shore and separating the lagoon from the Arabian Gulf.

The beach follows this organic line and stretching to create a large area adjacent to the Cultural Village. With its perfect circular outline the bridge represents the man-made cultural realm. The two hubs are clearly visible and form distinct points of attraction along the walk. The bridge has two levels: Terraces with outdoor restaurants with piers for boat access next to the sea are placed on the lower level as are the pathways for bicycles and electric vehicles. The upper level provides free access for pedestrians. The bridge design is a new interpretation of the historic bridge designs of Isfahan. We have carefully analyzed the design of the historic Khaju Bridge. The historic bridge design is based on a structure of vertical square pillars and horizontal beams. The arches are represented by plaster infills between columns and beams. We propose to make the arches the main structural elements of the new Doha Bridge. We have traced the Isfahan arch lines to form structural columns that represent the same proportions of the historic arches. The areas between columns are made from plaster infills. The structural lines run up to the higher level where they form smaller arches. Above the walkway they are connected to provide shading for the pedestrian walkway. The façade columns split at the roof into palm tree like structures.

The boat underpass under the bridge has been combined with a viewing platform. The viewing platform forms a high point that creates fantastic vistas of Doha and the Arabian Gulf. The audience of the adjacent amphitheatre will view along a visual axis across the boulevard, the beach, the fountain towards the viewing platform.  The new Doha bridge forms a unique attraction on the coastline of Doha. It creates a new horizon for Doha and acts as a visual backdrop of the many city activities.

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